So business is growing...time to upgrade your wax melter

Posted by layla ayaz on


So, you've bought the starter kit and got to grips with the basics, using a plastic jug and a microwave, or the small double boiler method to test and trial melts for you.

Things went amazing, you got your insurance in place, got your head around CLP and started selling your amazing melts. Everybody loves them and they just can't get enough, there's just one cannot keep up with demand with your trusty jug, your microwave is threatening to quit and your stove is constantly boiling up wax whilst the family have beans on toast (again) for tea. 

It time to upgrade your wax melter. Here's our top choices for the next step. 

Aluminium Melting Pot 

Happy with your double boiler method and just looking for an option to increase capacity and reduce mess? This Aluminium Melting Pot is probably the choice for you. Perfectly formed and super easy to store, plus they are stackable if you opt to buy multiple ones to speed up production with multiple scents at the same time.






      Available online for just £10.99

     Buy Aluminium Melting Pot Here





Slow Cooker


For those of you that need even more capacity and have more time, or are more organised this could be the upgrade for you. This slow cooker has great reviews and is very reasonably priced, and most importantly has a 3.5 litre capacity. The downside of a slow cooker versus a melting pot is that the wax will take a lot longer to melt and heat up, depending on how much you fill it, it could take up to 2 hours on the high setting. However, this can be down unsupervised (we strongly advise that you do not leave the premises and check on it regularly though). Once melted you can ladle your melted wax out into a jug where you can check the temperature and add your chosen fragrance oils and colours.








                 Available online for £22

                   Buy Slow Cooker Here





Buffalo Cooker


This is the big one, the wax melt makers dream machine. The buffalo melter has stormed the wax world of late due to its capacity, speed and ease of melting wax, and it's price. Works much the same as the slow cooker but due to the addition of water (it's basically a bain marie) it melts fasts, but you should keep the lid off to avoid condensation getting into your wax. The huge 10 litre capacity will serve your company expansion well for a very long time.






     Available online for £55.34

      Buy Buffalo Melter Here